A word on reopening

Three weeks ago I was writing to tell you that we would not be reopening Streetlight Guild until we could work out how to do so safely. I write to you today to tell you that we will be reopening, and soon.
We will be open to the public as of September 2 with the unveiling of a new art exhibit by Lance Johnson. We’re doing it by reservation only in small groups – no walk-ins – and there won’t be a traditional opening night. We are expanding the number of days we’re open from 2 to 3 days per week (Fridays-Sundays) to compensate.

We will put on at least 11 events before the end of the year, maybe more if things improve, maybe less if things don’t. It’s still not really up to me so long as the pandemic is raging and statistics are rising (Franklin County is currently at October 2020 levels, even with vaccines). We won’t be taking any rentals at this time. All programming will be in-house so safety protocols can be monitored.

We have a new website (same address, new stuff): http://www.streetlightguild.org. Since some events have different protocols and things can turn on a dime in this climate, that is the best place to look for any differences or changes to events in real time. All events will require masks, but some may require vaccination checks. Some will be virtual, some will be a mix of intimate audience and online broadcasting. The website is your friend in this regard.

I was able to salvage about 20% of what we had on deck and transform their safety conditions into something we could manage and that didn’t depreciate the experiences we are famous for. Upcoming events include:

  • Two new art exhibits (Lance Johnson solo work and another curated by April Sturkey Sunami)
  • Guild To Go; a drive-thru pop-up art market
  • An in-person presentation of Dr. Mark Lomax II’s Drumversations series
  • The return of the Pairings wine and poetry tasting
  • In-house art studio days
  • A live art auction
  • A 2-day poetry boot camp workshop with Scott Woods
  • A miniature Halloween village tour
  • Expanded permanent art collection on display
    …and more!

As you can see, we’re keeping things hopping at the Guild, but we’re taking things REAL slow. We hope that you will ride with us into this new landscape of cultural redefinition!

Scott Woods
Founder/Executive Director
Streetlight Guild
August 24, 2021

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