Video: Stephen King’s Magical Negroes – A Lecture

Writer, critic and lifelong Stephen King fan Scott Woods deconstructs some of King’s darker tendencies, aka how King uses Black people in his work, in this newly updated and definitive version of his popular lecture. Woods’s lecture includes the reading of excerpts from various works by King, examining the issues around his use of the “Magical Negro” trope and Black characters in general, as well as how his use of them relates to creative freedom, self-expression, and narrative license. Language and content warnings apply!

This lecture has been commissioned by Streetlight Guild and is available for viewing now on our YouTube channel:

Scott’s original 2015 essay, “Stephen King’s Magical Negro Problem Isn’t Magical”: https://scottwoodsmakeslists.wordpres…

A revisit of the issue by Scott for Level Magazine in 2020:…

Nnedi Okorafor’s original 2004 essay, “Stephen King’s Super-Duper Magical Negroes” for Strange Horizons:…

Scott’s Top 20 Stephen King books: https://scottwoodsmakeslists.wordpres…

Scott’s Patreon:

All other things Scott Woods (writings, books, etc.):
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