8/12-9/24 The Art of Avanté Martin

There are few things more exciting than the professional debut of an artist, and Streetlight Guild is proud to present the paintings of Avanté Martin. Already an amazing talent at the age of 20, Martin works primarily in oil on canvas, featuring fantastic and deftly rendered portrayals of African American subjects. He is a progeny of the TRANSIT ARTS program, having received tutelage from master artist Richard Duarte Brown.

Per the artist:
“I always worried about the destination of a piece, wanting everything to be perfect and detail-oriented. This train of thought would leave me feeling drained and uninspired to keep going with a painting. I soon realized loving the destination more than the process was daunting, and having a good sense of self is important to carving out your own path. In my work I try to find my own sense of self through different renditions of me and folk that look like me, using different emotions, techniques, and material.”

Opening night: Friday August 12
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Admission: Free
In the T.K. Woods Gallery from 8/12/22 – 9/24/22
Open Saturdays 12-3
Streetlight Guild / 1367 East Main Street

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