1/12 Contemporary Coloured Deluxe: These 3 Things

Contemporary Coloured Deluxe is an amplified presentation of artist Tiffany Lawson’s moving exhibit, which finds its final home at Streetlight Guild. This last tour of the work is deeply interrogated by a slate of complimentary live events that expand, interpret, and honor the complexity and spirit of Lawson’s art.

In addition to regular gallery hours, the following events are part of the exhibit’s remixing:

Thursday January 12 – 7:00 pm – “These 3 Things”: An Artist’s Rendering
Artist Tiffany Lawson breaks down 3 pieces from the exhibit in hands-on detail, with Q&A.

Thursday Feb 9 – 7:00 – “Sterling Speaks of Words”: A Poetry Rendering
Poets bring to life work from the exhibit with original poetry, with Q&A.

Thursday Feb 23 – 7:00 – “Bus Stop Bop”: A Musical Rendering
Musicians do a live performance interpreting the work of the exhibit, with Q&A.

All events are free.

Tiffany Lawson is a professional multidisciplinary artist, born and raised on the Southside of Columbus, Ohio. From early beginnings of masterpieces scribbled behind the couch, to community arts programs and summer camps, art has always been her nature. Literature, art and music were anchors in her household, formulating ideas and an undeniable affinity for creativity. As a teenager, she began to realize her purpose as an artist after being exposed to local influences such as Aminah B.L. Robinson, Grandpa Smokey Brown and family as well as Richard Duarte Brown through programs her mother managed at the church across the street from their home. The programs broadened her access to and understanding of the arts. She was also mentored by Gilda Edwards. Through the use of the arts community and programs in Central Ohio, she honed her skills and developed a creative voice; shown locally and nationally.

She obtained a B.A. in Mass Communications and Social Issues from The Ohio State University in 2005. Upon graduating, Tiffany accepted a position as a judicial assistant in the Franklin County Municipal Court where she is currently employed, although her passion continues to lie in expressing her creativity. In 2014, she became a resident artist at Millworks Studios, where she began to show her work professionally. 2017 brought a renewed commitment to her art after acquiring “the island”; her home studio, where she currently resides on the of Eastside of Columbus. A Master Urban Farmer since 2019, she also holds a certificate as an Art Therapy Life Coach. 2021 brought the inaugural residency at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, as she was selected as the first recipient for the position.

Contemporary Coloured Deluxe is on display from December 10, 2022 – April 22, 2023
Gallery hours are Thursdays 6-8 pm (January – February), all Saturdays 12-3.
Galleries are open during all special events as well.
Admission is free.
Streetlight Guild / 1367 E. Main St. / Columbus, Ohio

Detail from “Devil in the Blue Dress” (2016), Tiffany Lawson

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