2/26 Walking Poetry Workshops

We take you out of classroom mode and into the creative wild!

Interested poets will meet at a designated starting location and will be led on a writing tour with multiple stops along the route to take in a view or point of interest, writing a poem on the spot with guided prompts. It’s easy, fun, creative, and active! Meet up with an SLG Poetry Tour Guide at the selected site and get your poetry on, as we engage with the environment to create new poems in real time.

Tours are free. 
We meet at the location, not at Streetlight Guild.
Tours are approximately 75-90 minutes. These tours are not part of any visiting site’s programming. If you call them asking for details about the workshop, they won’t know what you’re talking about.


Sunday, February 26 – 2:00
Columbus Museum of Art

A truly ekphrastic experience, as we’ll take you through the museum’s numerous galleries for poetry prompts based on the art on display.
480 E Broad Street

Sunday May 21 – 2:00
German Village (meet at Old Mohawk)

This tour is all outdoors and over numerous blocks, with many historical features, stories, and refreshing stops.
819 Mohawk Street

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