Streetlight Guild is a 501(c)(3) performing arts organization that curates events across disciplines with an emphasis on Columbus-based, original, and historically excluded voices.

SLG sets out to create not just art, but a culture that reflects the artists it features and the world in which they live, building a body of work and a space rich in values. Work that speaks directly to their experience in all its forms is imperative to discovering, curating and nurturing an authentic Columbus-based culture that both its citizens and visitors value.

For an authentic culture to take root it must first be original. It cannot be borrowed or bought. It is work that must be created, and by people whose contributions are performed with care and craft.

Artistic Independence
Art that is not free to express itself as it sees fit or make decisions in its own interests is art with limits. SLG seeks to empower artists and builders of culture by curating events and opportunities that allow them to do what they do best – create – and to express themselves with the honesty great art deserves.