VIDEO – A Day in the Life of Duarte

Aminah Robinson – world renowned artist, MacArthur Prize recipient and Columbus, Ohio cultural icon – passed away in 2015. She gifted her entire estate, including the home in which she created her art, to the Columbus Museum of Art, who in turn fashioned her house into an art residency program. In 2022, Richard Duarte Brown became the fourth recipient of the Aminah Robinson residency program. This is a peek into his time at her home.

Richard “Duarte” Brown is a master artist with the TRANSIT ARTS Youth Program and the Ohio Alliance for the Arts Education’s Art in the house program. For more than 20 years, Brown has dedicated his talent to helping young people in Columbus through countless programs including CAPACITY (CAPA’s Youth Art Program), the Short Stop Youth Center, the King Arts Complex, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education’s (and formerly GCAC’s) Artists-in-Schools program, GCAC’s Children of the Future, Ebony Boys, Art Safe and VSA Ohio. Brown has also worked as a high school art instructor at the Arts and College Preparatory Academy in Columbus.

Duarte began drawing at age 6, creating art from found objects such as rice, glue, shoe polish and cardboard, and he continues to work primarily in mixed media. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and locally in dozens of exhibitions, including at All People Arts, Beck Center for the Arts, Streetlight Guild, The Vanderelli Room, Ross Art Museum, Ohio History Center, ArtPop Street Gallery, Angela Meleca Gallery and McConnell Arts Center. Brown was selected for the 2022 Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Fellowship, created by the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Museum of Art. Brown is a recipient of the 2022 Governor’s Award for the Arts in Ohio.

Written and directed by Jason Wood for Faseis.
Music by The Mark Lomax Quartet.

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